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how happy herping came to be...

Happy Herping came about one day after doing a bit of herping.  I was working on editing photos for a blog post on my personal blog, when I began to brainstorm ideas for starting a second blog that would focus only on herping photography.  At the time, I hadn't come across any blogs or websites that were written for women/by women that strictly focused on reptiles and amphibians in general.  The creative brainstorming portion of my mind switched on, and ideas started trickling in.

Herping has always been something that I've either done alone, with my little brother, or with a few guy friends.  To this day, I have never gone herping with another girl.  But, why?  It isn't a boys club, and I KNOW there are tons of herping ladies out there just like you and me!  Well, what if there was this great big online community for girls of all ages to share their passion for reptiles and amphibians?  The brainstorming continued, and the original idea for Happy Herping was born!  Bringing the concept to life has been such a fun journey, and I'm so excited to continue it here with you!

about mindi

Hello, I'm Mindi!

I'm a 30 year old small town Texas gal, with a lifelong interest in Reptiles and Amphibians.  I spend the majority of my free-time hiking, exploring nature with my camera, learning something new, blogging, and reading.  A few of my obsessions include Monty Python, Pizza, and Buzz-cuts!

I don't consider myself an expert on the subject of Herpetology.  There is always something new to be learned, and everyone starts at the beginning!  Building the Happy Herping community is my way of educating myself and others by sharing our knowledge and experiences as we go.

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