The Basics  So what should you have when you're ready to embark on your very first Herping adventure?  You don't necessarily need to carry anything when you go hiking, but here are a few common items that many herpers consider to be essential:

  • A Safety Kit 
  • A Pair of Boots  
  • A Camera
  • A Snake Hook

Supplemental Gear  In addition to the listed above, the following items can be fun and helpful additions to your herping kit.  Don't let this list restrict you...the possibilities are endless.  Get creative.  Have fun.  Fill your kit with whatever works for you!

  • A Backpack
  • A Dipping Net
  • A Compass
  • A Field Guide
  • Snake Gaiters
  • Walkie Talkies
  • A Flash Light
  • A Knife