So what exactly does Herping entail?  Depending on your location, the time of day, or the weather, there are several common techniques that you might choose from.  The most popular include:

Hiking  If you're looking for a particular species, it's helpful to learn about their ideal environment, activities, and when they're most likely to be out and about.  Choose a herptile, do a bit of research, and then take your knowledge to the trail and see what you can find!

Flipping  This is a favorite among the herping community, and it's simply the act of looking under rocks, logs, and debris.  Herps often take shelter under things, and this technique can be very fruitful.

Cruising  This technique involves driving on back-roads or lightly-traveled roads at dawn, nighttime, or during a rain.  Many reptiles and amphibians stay hidden during the day and come out only at night.  Again...research your subjects!  It's common to find them crossing the road and can be easily spotted with the headlights from your vehicle.  Frogs and Toads are especially abundant while cruising in the rain.